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About Ozzi

Who is Ozzi?

Well technically, he's the flying ninja in our logo, but we like to think that Ozzi represents every incredible ninja athlete out there. And like anyone in the public eye, Ozzi needs a little help from time to time. And that's where we come in.

We know that Ozzi is an amazing ninja, the kind of focused, determined and dedicated athlete that inspires the little ninjas of tomorrow. Day after day, Ozzi is hard at work in the gym, training when others are sleeping, pushing the boundaries of the sport to new levels. But Ozzi doesn't know much about merch. He knows his adoring fans long for an Ozzi shirt to call their own, but he'd rather focus on wingnuts, double dippers and mega walls than logo design, web portals and flat-rate shipping.

We wanted to help Ozzi by taking all that off his plate. While he focuses on his training, we focus on crafting a killer logo, sourcing comfy, high-quality apparel, shipping really cool gear off to his fans and, of course, sending Ozzi the checks!

So who are we?

- We're the ninja parents who wished there was one website we could go to and buy ALL the ninja shirts on our kid's birthday wish list.

- We're the ninja gym owners who wished there was an easy way to customize a small order of shirts for comps, parties and other events.

- We're the ninja families who wished we'd had a go-to shirt shop with low minimums *before* ANW Jr filming last summer (and an easy way to sell shirts after!)

- We're the ninja fans who wished it was quick and easy to support our favorite pro ninjas by buying their shirts.

- We're the ninja crew who's going to make merch easier for ALL ninja athletes and fans!

What do we do?

We make it easy for pro and junior ninjas to sell their gear ... and for their fans to buy it. Athletes give us their logo (or we can help them create one), and we do the rest - marketing, orders, billing, printing, shipping and customer service. Athletes get merch made easy, and fans get a one-stop-shop for all their favorite ninja gear. WIN-WIN!