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Junior Shirt Trading

Junior Ninjas, we know you love to trade shirts with your friends! And we also know that it can be hard to have the right size in stock for each trade without having to buy big quantities and keep an inventory. Save Mom and Dad the trouble of handling your shirt trades, and let Ozzi do the work instead!

When you become an Ozzi athlete, you will get your own online shop with a picture, bio, social media links and 12 different apparel items that your friends, family and fans can purchase in any size at any time! Anytime someone buys one of your items, you earn 20% of the sale of each item sold (so the more people you tell about it, the better)!

If you're ordering shirts for yourself, you might want to save that 20% up front (instead of buying at full price and getting paid afterwards). To make this possible, we send each athlete a special code to buy their own shirts at athlete pricing.

You can also use this code to trade shirts with other Junior Ninjas! Simply purchase one of your own shirts using your 20% code and put your friend's name and address in the shipping information. Make sure they do the same for you, and you will each receive each other's shirt in the mail from Ozzi. Junior shirt trading made easy!!!