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Amber Mitchell

Hi! I'm Amber!

-I love ninja just as much as I love my 10 pets! (snakes, dogs, birds, fish, and turtles!)

-I enjoy the outdoors and staying active whether that's hiking, playing football on the beach, rock climbing, or going on a jog in the rain!

-Last year I qualified for worlds and this year got the call to compete on ANW!

Best ANW Memory:

Having my best friend, neighbors, brother, and parents right by my side when getting the call for ANW!

Favorite Ninja Obstacle:

Devil Steps and Laches!

Proudest Ninja Moment:

Getting PRs on laches

What I Do When I'm Not Training:

Working remotely as an IT coding analyst, outside playing a sport, or booking my next vacation!

Fun Fact About Me:

I have two different sized feet: left foot is size 4.5 and right foot is size 7!

Follow along on Amber's Social Media:

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