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Kaden Lebsack

I’m from Castle Rock, Colorado and have been training ninja for three years. I have competed all over the US and won back-to-back UNAA Championships in 2017 & 2018. In addition, I was selected to compete against all adults in the Next Level Ninja Games in 2019 and won 2nd place in the Pro Division. I’m a team member on Bucket of Chalk, which has ninjas from all over the US! When I’m not doing ninja, you can find me wakeboarding or snowboarding. I love the ninja community and making friends from all over the US.

Ninja name: Super K - WakeNinja
avorite ninja obstacle: Spin hoppers

Proudest ninja moment: I have two! The first is winning back-to-back UNAA Championships in 2017 & 2018, and the second is taking 2nd place in the Pro Division at Ninja Level Ninja Games.
What I do when I'm not training: Train harder! LOL!
Fun fact about me: I can do 72 pull ups without dropping!

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  Kaden Lebsack