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Philip Scott

I am a lifelong ninja super-fan turned competitor! I first saw the show 12 years ago in 5th grade, and I was immediately hooked. I have no prior athletic background other than ninja training. Nine years ago, I started properly training and couldn't even go across monkey bars or do a pull up. However, with tons of persistence, I slowly became the ninja athlete I am today!

Ninja Name: Ninja Phil
Best Memory from Your ANW Experience: Just being able to hang out and compete with so many people I've seen on TV for so long was just a huge honor and something unforgettable.
Favorite Ninja Obstacle: Ultimate Cliffhanger
Proudest Ninja Moment: Clearing Stage 1 of the National Ninja League finals last year.
What I Do When I'm Not Training: When I'm not training, you can usually find me in my room playing video games online with my friends.
Fun Fact About Me: I have Asperger syndrome, which is a high-functioning form of autism that affects one's ability to effectively socialize and communicate. People with Asperger's also have obsessive self-absorbing interests. Ninja Warrior became my Asperger's obsessive interest when I was 10 years old!! Many people are shocked to find out I have this condition. However, I've worked hard over the years improving my social skills, just like I've worked hard over the years with my Ninja training.

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